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The Dean Steven Muganzi Donation Project
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Support our mission around the world
Our Dean Steven Muganzi is working from Uganda with our Pastor David Kisaame to help churches
in Uganda an all East Africa to incorporate them to Eric Michel Ministries International. By this actions
we will have the power of a strong Church to accomplish more in the name of our Lord Christ.
Pastor David Kisaame is the Executive Director of
Greater Grace Ministries, an evangelic church
who is committed to living as the body of Christ
to transform people into the likeness of
Jesus Christ and mobilized on his mission
Communities stretching over boundaries and borders, across cultures and languages of
America, Africa and India, providing support to the collectivity, with our international church

Our goal is providing help for the spiritual and pastoral work of the poor people and supporting projects of our
partner Churches' mission.

We provide relief to people who suffer from economic, social, and emotional challenges.  We encourage
spiritual growth supported by prayer.

Funding partners are invited to invest in the lives of rural pastors through our ministries.

Where goes your donation.

There's no fee to use PayPal to purchase goods or services. But when we receive money for donation, the
fee for each transaction is 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount we receive.

If we have a donation of 100.00$ US, 127.00 CAD, 359,747 UGX, 6,465.00 INR, 72,865.00 MW

PayPal takes 3.20$ US, 4.09$ CAD, 11,511.00 UGX, 206.90 IRN, 2,331.68 MW

Our agreement with church partners according to our Canon Law Finances of 2016
on the Cathedraticum (a Latin word for episcopal seat) is a specified sum of money to be paid annually toward
the Archbishop.

The Church(es) keeps 88 percent of the funds and 12 percent is allocated to Regional Council. All Churches
under the Regional Council set aside twelve percent of their annual offertory collections to provide this
assessment, known in Latin as the cathedraticum. All Regional Councils keeps 80 percent of their annual
offertory collections and 20 percent is allocated to the Permanent Synod
(House of Bishop and House of Elders).

Regional Council will received  12.00 USD, 15.34$ CAD, 43,169.67 UGX, 775,89 INR, 8,743.81 MW.

The Headquarter in Ottawa Canada will receive from our Regional Council: 2.40$ USD, 3.07$ CAD, 8,633.93 UGX,
155.17 INR, 1,748.76 MW.

On the 100.00$ USD the local Church keep 84.80$ USD, or 107.69$ CAD, or 302,907.24 UGX, or 5,444.16 INR,
or 61,352.45 MW
Dean Steven Muganzi was appointed Dean of the district #05
Uganda on October 01,2017. He is responsable of Eric Michel
Ministries International In Uganda. Dean is our lay title for District

Administrator at Buloba Christian Youth Development Association
Lives in Kampala, Uganda
Serving God with all my heart
hope, faith and Love
Give regularly
Pre-Authorized Remittance, or PAR, allows people to support our churches through an automatic monthly
withdrawal from their bank/paypal account. PAR means regular contributions throughout the year that make
it easy to donate to Eric Michel Ministries International.

Give a legacy
Support the church during and after your lifetime.
Our Mission is helping generous people sustain Eric Michel Ministries International, its congregations and its
partners, in life and beyond.
Our purpose is to make distributions for ministry that is why this request for donation.
Everyday Eric Michel Ministries International is solicited for a donation
Keep Children in School
Photo:Nefom Uganda
keep these children in the orphanage
school in prayers
  1. Please sir can you please help me wish my organization~Shaban
  2. We want $350 dollars for arrangements means food, travel,    
    conference hall rent etc~Devadas D.
  3. Sir help jesus gospel. Room rent. And not. Bike moter
  4. Hello I'm pastor Evans from Kenya in my ministry I take care of the
  5. We already committed and reaching 1000s every week. love and   
    peace from India~Gandham Buli
  6. In the USA Approximately 22 Veterans a day commit suicide~Victoria
  7. Help to make a spiritual relationship among usdoing Campus        
    ministry in Bangladesh with campus crusade for Christ~Bish
  8. I will like u to come sierra Leone one day for Revival or crusade
  10. Am a missionary trainer, could you please do a favor. Now it's
    challenging for us to train missionaries, we need more and more       
    stuff , I mean notes regarding mission work ~Akhil
  11. We are fundraising on the behalf of slave families (daily brick layers)
    and orphan children in Pakistan~Mohsin
  12. We need some sumponsers for helping the orphans in uganda          
    can you please help us Our orphanage is called alliance orphanage
    secondary school~Kawuma
  13. our need to buy Bible~Mujuni Buliisa-Masindi Uganda
  14. Kindly we request your ministries to help us to have some Bibles           
    if you have. And we mostly invite you to visit us and share with us     
    more about the Word and also to the Children.~Brother James Kenya.
  15. visit me my place in India~Bhaskar
  16. please help with $100 dollars~Joash
  17. brother our church needs bibles you can help us~Evangelist Sulman
  18. We are sharing Gospel outside at public place of in india at kerala   
  19. Are you in the position to help for my orphans feeding~Kiranraju
  20. from Kampala Uganda Africa,Where am doing charity as well          
    God's work to take care of orphans whose parents died of HIV/AIDS   
    and other needy children~Michelle
  21. I'm studying in the Bible college, but I had a need little help~Daniel
  22. Please sir can you please help me wish my organization~Shaban
  23. Rev. i need your visit in uganda for the work of God in my
  24. The North is called graveyard of Missionaries, since many     
    Missionaries were killed in North India. Believers congregation they      
    do not have church just they worship in the field
  25. We are working with the ministry ''christian literature translation  
    ministry''. This is actually translation ministry. Many christian books,  
    bible tracts, newsletter, bible commentries and CDs translated by       
    this ministry. After translating in our native language we publish this
    material and free distribute this in the different cities of Pakistan.         
    We also distribute the Urdu Bible to deserving people in every corner  
    of  the pakistan. This year We distributed the 3Million Bible Tracts      
    and thousands of Urdu Bibles.
What a simple and beautiful prayer:
    *When you wake up say: Jesus I love you ...
    When leaving the house say: Jesus come with me ...
    When you feel like crying, say: Jesus hug me ...
    When you feel happy say: Jesus I adore you ...
    When you do something, say: Jesus help me ...
    When you make a mistake, say: Jesus forgive me ...
    When you go to sleep say: Thank you Jesus and cover me with your holy mantle.Send that prayer to the
    people you care about including me if that's the case ...*God loves you!
    ~Rev. Xaviour Executive Director Malawi
Get involved Donate

We Need your Help
To Help Them
Please Be Generous
How your $ are spent
Every contribution you make, no
matter how small, creates more
survivors and improves the
health of World  Children of God.
Rev. Philip in India
India Orphans
All children deserve to live safe and healthy lives
Donation amount:

    $5 Provides exercise books for     
    one child

    $25 Provides textbooks for one    
    high school student

    $50 Provides Bible to our Churches

    $100 Provides Healthy Food

    $500 Education Fund

    $1000 Empowering Women in Africa
    and Asia
Donate with Confidence
You may donate through PayPal or through Network for Good.
PayPal’s fraud protection policy covers you against unauthorized
purchases made through PayPal. In all cases, your payment is
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Why Giving?

Your donation will help restore
hope and dignity to poor people
Donation options
Donation options
  1. The worship of the church has to be paid for
  2. Church building incurs costs for heating. lighting
    and insurance. Some have to pay water.
  3. District should pay the expenses incurred as part
    of their ministers' ministry. In most cases this
    includes the cost of running a car
  4. Church buildings must be kept in good repair,
    and regular inspections arranged. Sometimes,
    this becomes a large expense for a small rural
  • 12% Interdenominational Contribution Fees
  • 3% Insurances
  • 4% Office Operations
  • 5% Maintenance
  • 7% Utilities
  • 7% Morgage or Rent
  • 9% Ministries Support
  • 53% Missions (Charity)
TOTAL: 100%
Donation options
District 07 Kanya
District 08 Barasil
Or send a cheque or money order to:
If you choose to mail your payment, make your check, money order or cashier's check payable to
Rev. Eric Gagnon
Please do not use staples or paper clips to affix your payment.
Include your name, address, cellular phone number or member identification number if you have one.
Mail your payment to this address:

Rev. Eric Gagnon

Do not send cash through the mail
You can also pay to your minister
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